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"USB Chargeable Crystal Rose Diamond Lamp: A Touch of Elegance and Uniqueness"

"USB Chargeable Crystal Rose Diamond Lamp: A Touch of Elegance and Uniqueness"

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Experience the allure of our LED Diamond Crystal Table Lamp with its captivating crystal design. Watch as the sparkling crystal lampshade casts enchanting shadows on your walls, conjuring a romantic ambiance perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Elevate your space with the essence of a radiant gem that catches every eye and adds a dash of allure.

🌈 **16 Color Changing Brilliance**: Tap into the magic with our high-sensitivity touch sensor. Glide through 16 mesmerizing colors using the touch or remote control. Adjust seamlessly for reading, movie nights, or serene sleep.

✨ **Control Your Glow**: A touch-sensing dimmer delivers infinite brightness options. Or, indulge in remote-controlled color selection for an endlessly entertaining life.

πŸ”Œ **USB Rechargeable Wonder**: Embrace convenience with the built-in battery, eliminating the need for constant plugging. Once charged, it keeps the radiance flowing. Powered by a USB charging interface and accompanied by a charging cable.

🏠 **Versatile Charm**: This crystal table lamp gracefully adorns any space – from cozy kitchen corners and living rooms to inviting coffee stations and elegant desks. A thoughtful gift for cherished family and friends.


πŸ”² **Material**: Acrylic
πŸ”² **Variation**: Touch Sensor
πŸ”² **Plug**: USB
πŸ”² **Power**: 1.5W
πŸ”² **Input Voltage**: 5V 0.3A


πŸ“¦ Lamp + Charging Cable + Manual
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